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Spectrem 2

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Spectrem 2 Sealant
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Brand: X'Traseal
Product Code: Spectrem 2
Weight: 800.00gm
Price: RM38.00

Product Description

Spectrem® 2 is a medium-modulus, single-component, high-performance, neutral-cure silicone sealant ideal for a variety of perimeter caulking and glazing applications.

Basic Uses

• Two-sided structural glazing

• Perimeter and weather seals

• Cap, heel and toe beads

• Curtain wall or window joints

Spectrem 2 may be used on substrates such as aluminium, glass, steel, painted metal, plastic, stone, concrete and brick. Spectrem 2 exhibits primerless adhesion to many common building materials.

Applicable Standards

Spectrem 2 meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications:


  • ASTM C920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 50, Use NT, M, G, A and O
  • ASTM C1248
  • U.S. Federal Specification TT-S-001543A (COM-NBS) Class A
  • U.S. Federal Specification TT-S-00230C (COM-NBS) Class A, Type II
  • CAN/CGSB 19.13-M87
  • Black meets all of AAMA 802.3-92 (Type I and II), 805.2-94 (Group C), and 808.3-92


600-ml sausages;


Property                                                        Test Method                Typical Value

As Supplied:  

Tack-free time                                                  ASTM C679                 20 to 40 min

Sag                                                                ASTM D2202                0” to 0.03” (0 mm to 0.1 mm)

Tooling Time (skin formation)                                                                7 to 15 min

As Cured: After 14 days at 77 ̊ F (25 ̊ C) and 50% R.H.

Hardness (Shore A)                                        ASTM C661                   37-40

Tensile strength at maximum elongation           ASTM D412                   220 to 230 psi(1.52 to 1.59 MPa)

Elongation                                                     ASTM D412                   235 to 260%

Tensile Strength at 100% elongation                ASTM C1135                 90 to 100 psi (0.62 to 0.69 MPa)

Tear Strength                                                ASTM D624                   35 to 40 pli (6.14 to 7.02 kN/m)

Peel Strength Aluminium, Glass                     ASTM C794                  16 to 22 pli (2.81 to 3.86 kN/m)

Staining of Porous Substrates

White Marble Primed & Unprimed                   ASTM C1248                No Stain

Cyclic movement                                           ASTM C719                  ±50%

As Cured: After 21 days at 77 ̊ F (25 ̊ C) and 50% R.H.

Ultimate Tensile Strength                               ASTM C1135                 123 psi (0.85 MPa)

Ultimate Elongation                                       ASTM C1135                  261% 

Color - Black


Joint Design

May be used in any joint designed in accordance with accepted architectural / engineering practices. Joint width should be 4 times anticipated movement, but not less than 1/4” (6 mm) wide.

Joint Dimensions

For joints 1/4” to 1/2” wide (6 mm to 13 mm), the width-to-depth ratio should be equal. Joints 1/2” wide (13 mm) or greater should have a depth of 1/2” (13 mm). Minimum joint size is 1/4” x 1/4” (6 mm x 6 mm).

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be sound, clean, and dry. Contact surfaces should be free of loose dirt, dust, oils, and any other contaminants.

Tooling & Cleaning

Tooling is recommended immediately after application to ensure firm, intimate contact with the joint interface. Dry tooling is preferred. Cleaning can be accomplished with solvents such as Xylene, Toluene or MEK while sealant is in an uncured state.

Joint Backing - Bond Breaking Tape

Closed cell polyethylene backer rods are preferred as joint backing to control depth of sealant bead. Where depth of joint will prevent use of joint backing, an adhesive-backed polyethylene tape should be installed to prevent three-sided adhesion. Joint backing must be dry at time of sealant application.


Spectrem 2 is easy to apply with conventional caulking equipment. Fill joint completely and tool. At 75 ̊F (23.9 ̊C), 50% R.H. a durable skin will form typically within less than 10 min. Please visit for complete application instructions.


Damaged sealant can be repaired.


• Do not apply to damp or contaminated surfaces.

• Use with adequate ventilation.

• Clear silicones are not recommended for structural glazing applications.

• Not intended for continuous water immersion.

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