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Sika Monotop 610 MY

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Sika Monotop 610 MY Concrete Repair
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Brand: Sika
Product Code: Sika Monotop 610 MY
Weight: 25.00kg
Price: RM 105.00


Sika MonoTop®-610 MY - Bonding mortar and reinforcement protection

Product Description

Sika MonoTop®-610 MY is a one-part, cementitious, polymer modified mortar containing silica fume and corrosion inhibitors.


As a treatment for preventing continued corrosion of reinforcement in concrete and as a bonding bridge for concrete repair using the Sika MonoTop® Concrete repair system

Characteristics / Advantages

  • 1-part system, requires only the addition of water
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or spray
  • Excellent bonding to steel and concrete
  • Highly impermeable to water and chlorides
  • Can be applied to damp substrates
  • High mechanical strengths
  • Non-toxic
  • Alkaline passivating effect due to high cement content
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Product Data


Appearance / Colours Grey powder

Packaging 25 kg bags


Storage Conditions / Shelf Life

6 months from the date of production if stored properly in original, unopened and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Technical Data

Chemical Base Polymer modified Portland cement containing silica fume and corrosion inhibitors.


  • Powder ~ 1.15 kg/ltr
  • Freshly mixed mortar ~ 2.0 kg/ltr

Layer Thickness 1 mm min. / 3 mm max.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ~ 15 x 10-6 per °C

Water Vapour Diffusion Coefficient (μH2O) ~ 80

Carbon Dioxide Diffusion Coefficient (μCO2) ~ 200

Mechanical / Physical Properties

Compressive Strength 45 – 55 N/mm2 (after 28 days / +25°C)

Flexural Strength 5.5 – 7.5 N/mm2 (after 28 days / +25°C)

Bond Strength 2 – 3 N/mm2 (on prepared concrete)

Modulus of Elasticity ~ 20,000 N/mm2 (static)

Typical Results (Setsco Test Ref:K2437(B)/LML)

Compressive Strength, N/mm2

1 day ~ 9.3

7 days ~ 34.5

28 days ~ 46.3

Flexural Strength, N/mm2

7 days ~ 5.69

28 days ~ 8.88

Pull-Off Strength, N/mm2

28 days ~ 2.7

Initial Surface Absorption at 30 days, ml/m2/sec

10 minutes < 0.005

30 minutes < 0.005

60 minutes < 0.005

120 minutes < 0.005

Bond Strength, N/mm2

13 days ~ 9.3

System Information

System Structure Sika MonoTop® System comprises:

  • Sika MonoTop®-610 MY bonding and reinforcement protection
  • Sika MonoTop®-615 SD or Sika MonoTop®-R or Sika MonoTop®-R40 repair mortar
  • Sika MonoTop®-620 MY pore sealer / fairing coat

Application Details


Bonding mortar

1.65 kg/m2 (depending on the substrate surface)

Reinforcement protection

~ 1.65 kg of powder per m2 per coat of 1 mm thick (2 coats are required)

Substrate Quality


The concrete must be structurally sound, laitance free, clean and free from dirt, oil, grease or other surface contaminants. All loose or friable particles must be removed.

Steel reinforcements

Steel reinforcement surfaces must be clean from rust, oil, grease or any other loosely adhering particles to provide a rust free surface.

Substrate Preparation


For large concrete areas, grit or grit-water blasting, scarifying or scrabbling is recommended. For small areas and “spot” repairs, needle gunning or scrabbling is effective. Special care must be taken to ensure that the substrate does not contain any coating, e.g. curing membrane, which will prevent Sika® MonoTop®-610 MY from penetrating the surface.

The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated but with no standing surface water. This condition is referred to as saturated surface dry (SSD) and care should be taken to remove any cement slurry or dust produced during surface preparation. The use of a “fan” shaped water jet is ideal.

Steel reinforcement

Surfaces should be prepared using approved abrasive blast cleaning techniques e.g. wire-brushed or water / grit blasted.

Application Conditions / Limitations

Application Temperature +5°C min. / +40°C max.

Application Instructions

Mix Ratio 5.0 – 5.5 ltr of water per 25 kg bag Sika® MonoTop®-610 MY


Pour the water in the correct proportion into a suitable mixing container. While stirring slowly, add Sika MonoTop®-610 MY to the water. Hand mix thoroughly with a spatula to a thick “slurry” consistency. Always ensure that there are no lumps in the mix.

If a mix has thickened due to delayed application, do not dilute further with water.

This mix should be discarded.

Application Method / Tools


Brush apply a coat of freshly mixed slurry of Sika MonoTop®-610 MY on to the substrate, covering it completely. This is followed immediately with a “wet-on-wet” application of the patch repair mortar (e.g. Sika MonoTop®-R, -R40 or -615 SD).

Steel reinforcement

Brush apply 2 coats to Sika MonoTop®-610 MY on to the prepared steel reinforcement prior to the application of the patch repair mortar. Care should be taken to ensure that the back of the reinforcement is also coated.

Cleaning of Tools

Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use.

Hardened and/or cured material can only be mechanically removed.

Pot Life > 1 hour (+25°C)

Notes on Application / Limitations

High quality, long term repairs can only be achieved if they are carried out conscientiously by experienced applicators giving adequate attention to details relating to surface preparation, priming of concrete and steel, mixing of repair mortars, application and curing.

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